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As a Member of our Group Coaching community, you'll have:

- Weekly Live Online Session (45-minutes) 

During this session you can ask any questions related to your real estate business and we will answer them for you. 

- A One-on-one Call (15-minutes)

You will also have the opportunity to have a one-on-one session for 15 minutes with one of our coaches every 45 days. 

- Full Access to Our Real Estate Marketing & Sales Training Platform

Don't miss the opportunity to learn WHAT to do, HOW to do it, and more important have the guidance of someone who has been in your shoes before and have successfully run a real estate business.

At The Montiel Organization, we know that it's always important to stay ahead of the curve. As a Group Coaching member you will have access to our TMO Lab, where you'll get the marketing and sales strategies to generate more leads and convert them into buyers and sellers.  

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A learning platform that will help you overcome objections, improve your presentation, better manage your time and get more clients faster, cheaper and easier. THIS IS OUR PROMISE TO YOU.

Now that we've outlined a few of the growth process in the video above, let's take a look at the benefits of this membership, below.

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As a Member of the Group Coaching, you will also get:  

Online- Platform

Full access to our Real Estate Sales Training Course Including: 

-How to get more clients

- Email and social media marketing campaign

- How to make a successful presentation

- How to handle every objection 

- How to position yourself as the expert of choice in your client's mind

- Steps to improve your sales skills

Online - Library

-Over 70+ videos including, How to win clients, How to be a successful real estate agent, How to speed up profitability, How to use content marketing for your business among others. 

- Real Estate Guides, lead generation, Open House, How to maximize your time, How to become a listing agent, The Complite guide to handling objections and many more...

- Fact Sheet, On Pre-qualification, interview questions... 

Access -Workshops

Recorded workhops in both languages ( English + Spanish) about:

- Email Marketing + Social Media for Realtors and brokers

- Pre-Qualification for buyers and sellers

- How to become a listing agent

- How to Manage your time as a real estate agent 

- 6 Skills to become a top producer

Weekly- Updates

Real Estate weekly updates about:

- Key strategies to position yourself among the different platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, snapchat)

- Relevant News in the Real Estate industry focused in South Florida

-Email Marketing, Website and social media tools

-Listing presentation skills

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The Coaches

We will be your mentors, helping you step by step to get the knowledge needed to become the Real Estate Professional you want to be. 

Founder and co-founder of The Montiel Organization, Orlando and Daniel Montiel came up with this simple, yet proven membership program to help real estate agents achieve their goals.

“One phone call – I made $84,750…You made me call my clients…

I made one phone call to a client – Because I had a listing on her building – $440,000 – She had 2 friends, “potential buyers:… I ended up selling to one of them and doing both sides of the transaction – Commission $26,400; I found an apartment for the other buyer $445,000 – Commission $13,350. And please find attached another offer accepted today from one of her best friends (who called me while I was on vacation in Naples… that I have never met) – $1,500,000 – Commission $45,000. What was I waiting for? THANK YOU, The Montiel Organization!.”  

 Talia Pinheiro [Broker]

So much value in one place!

The Montiel Organization has offered extremely valuable support to our company and our agents through its hands on coaching programs. It’s commitment to the real estate industry and the agents business is amazing and produces great results for those that are willing to follow advice, but what is even stronger is the human component they put into everything they do showing you that they genuinely care, which is something hard to find out there.

Andres Korda [Co-Founder Avanti Way Top 10 fastest growring companies in Florida 2013, 2015, 2016.]


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